Philadelphia, PA

M. Arch Studio II // Critic: Leopold Lambert
The East Parkside Marketplace is an exploration of the power dynamics associated with lending and finance. What is the relationship between a lending institution and the historically disenfranchised community that it serves? What role does the architecture of a bank contribute to this power imbalance?

The project is an attempt to learn from these troupes and create a new type of social condenser that does the opposite. Some of the guiding points of consideration were how a public, coop-style, organization would make decisions opposed to a board of directors. Where and how the placement of bodies in a financial transaction make those parties feel and determine the outcome of that transaction. Finally, how financial literacy in praxis can impact outcomes for the residents of East Parkside. This project I hope, provides an imagined alternative where the residents of East Parkside build and control wealth. Both material wealth and immaterial wealth - namely the freedom and confidence to build their own future.
Transverse section through project, integral to the project is the ability to bring outdoor public gatherings in close proximity to the lending activities and financial literacy learning space within the project.
Mapping exercise showing proximity of financial lending facilities in proximity to the project site. The study indicates a lack of representation in this area from both commercial banks and credit unions.
Break-away axonometric drawing showing the spatial adjacencies of the programs and how they are activated by the public users.
Neighborhood-level axonometric drawing showing the outsized effects the project might have on the community.
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